• “My Mum threw me out. I’d had a fight… The police came. I got nowhere to live so I called my ACE mentor for help. We talked and I went to stay with a friend ‘til it was sorted out so I could live with my Dad.  It really helped.” [W aged 19].
  • “I love coming here [ACE Wednesday Club] every week” [K aged 13]. “It’s awesome to come when you’ve had a bad day at school. When you go to the Club it makes me happy when somebody is kind.” [A aged 13].
  • “Without this award I would not be able to get to college and college is really important to me so I appreciate it a lot.” [L aged 18].
  • “The ACE Trust and trustees have worked closely with school to facilitate a multi-agency and collaborative approach towards the needs of young people in the area…ACE has contributed to the pastoral care and wellbeing of a number of young people.” [Assistant Head (Pastoral) QEGS].